Housing above shops.  
In the Indische buurt in Haarlem Noord we repurposed empty spaces above and behind a store into new housing. 
The context: at the Julianapark there is a bank branch with two upper floors that were vacant. On the Javastraat, a row of small houses, in dubious state of maintenance, were used as storage space. We have investigated whether, in this particular situation, there is value in creating accomodations above the bank branch. On the Javastraat it was possible to demolish the old houses for it to be replaced by a new building block with an extra floor. Finally, regarding the building along the Julianapark, an additional floor and two more habitations were created. This resulted in a total of 18 homes, all meant for the rental.  
The new roof of the building at the Julianapark has been vivified through a number of dormer windows. A dark gray tuile-du-nord roof tile makes the roof coordinate with the wall of the park. For the new building on the Javastraat, brick detailings were used to add a natural new face to the street. For the façade, inspiration was drawn from early twentieth century business premises similar to those found in the neighborhood. Brick bands and steel beams give the facade size and rhythm.  
Juliananpark Haarlem schets Architectenbureau Jaap Dijkman
Juliananpark Haarlem voorgevel Architectenbureau Jaap Dijkman
Juliananpark Haarlem oostgevel westgevel Architectenbureau Jaap Dijkman