Goudsbloemstraat, apartments
Most of the streets in the southern part of the Jordaan in Amsterdam are named after animals (Elandgracht - Elk Canal, Hazenstraat - Hare Street); but some of the streets are named for flowers and plants. 

One of these is the Goudsbloemstraat, or Marigold Street, and the Dijkman bureau -- acting as both developer and architect -- is constructing a three-unit apartment building in this street.

The design for the facade makes use of sheets of blue limestone -- the material commonly used for doorsteps in front of classic Amsterdam houses -- set in a steel framework.  The subtle configuration of the facade blends well with the traditional architecture of the city.
Goudsbloemstraat voorgevel Amsterdam Architectenbureau Jaap Dijkman
Goudsbloemstraat achtergevel Amsterdam Architectenbureau Jaap Dijkman