Montelbaanstraat 6 Amsterdam "Walenburg"

The "Volkslogement en Restaurant van het Amsterdamsch Bouwfonds" was built in 1932 to a design by Pieter Vorkink. It was an affordable hotel for dockers, sailors and workers who came to Amsterdam from as far as Friesland and Drenthe to work there. In 1968 it became home for the unoccupied, and was given the name Walenburg.
The building has a sober but well-detailed brick architecture. The windows of the former dining room and the stairwell are made special by making them out of steel, the escape balcony on the 1st floor has a sturdy steel version. This detailing is the starting point for the new balconies and facades of the new plan. Our aim was to let the qualities of the simple building shine.
The character of the building's interior is determined by the steel structure - a procession of steel columns. These remain in view, however, where a larger space is desired for living and dining rooms a few have been removed. The former Volkslogement has been transformed into 17 apartments.